Weirdest Chinese Game Demonstrates Compilation #1

Duration: 12:04 Views: 784 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Can you even make a guess what each game showcase is about? Love Part trio Love Part two Japan is known as its hilarious & freaky Asian game flashes. It is a unique country for its cultures, foods, and lifestyle. My fave part is Chinese game showcases vary from horror video fashion to a red-hot damsel. 1. Tore! – is a game demonstrate that If you lose a compete, you get mummificated or drowned in sand. Here contestants are put in a machine with an ancient Egyptians grave cage. The machine has 2 spools of material in which it flips around you and wraps you up like a mommy. two. AKBingo! – Sumo is Asian traditional grappling, at which they usually attempt to thrust each other out of the stage. Here Iki Sumo (breath Sumo), contestants attempt to inhale the air in order to thrust the cicada in the chisel to another contestant. three. Lotion Lubricant Curling - Asian game demonstrates like using oil to watch people slide down. Here they thought of using oil again to curl with human beings. four. What's in the Cell? - This game is pretty classical in Chinese displays, at which contestants have to put their palms inwards of a cage that has something positioned inwards, and their purpose is to assets out what it is. We expect you liked this flick. Let us know which one of these Asian game displays was your beloved. ■Follow us on Social: - Twitter: #japaneseGameShows #funny #weird

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