Luciana Salazar recalentó la pista con una sensuous bachata

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Watch Luciana Salazar recalentó la pista con una sensuous bachata video right now. This is hottest adult scene with tag el trece of show Luciana Salazar recalentó la pista con una sensuous bachata. Leave your likes and comments, if you liked this episode, there will be more videos like this!Moment broadcasted on Showmatch, Tuesday 01/09/15. What a bombshell! Luciana Salazar was truly inspired by a phone call from her partner, Martín Redrado, who contacted her just before she performed her bachata choreography. Thanks to the boost in her spirits, she was glowing. "I liked it. I don't know if it's the team, if it's Redrado...". "Nacha Guevara, on the other hand (six), differed from her colleague and was a bit more critical. "I didn't like it that much. So many tricks, with so many pirouettes...", were her words. Moria Casán (7) was in the same position as the actress and pointed out that she expected much more from the couple when she expressed: "I saw an uneven, dirty thing. I didn't like it. What I liked the most was the attitude. But I saw you looking at the floor a lot. And I saw them not very well together. I lacked the heat". Soledad Silveyra (secret vote), on her part, was full of compliments for Luciana. "I loved it. I thought it was wonderful", she explained. Marcelo Polino(nine) surprised with his score and his praise when he said: "I loved it, brilliant".

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