JAPAN: A Nude Jamboree (Nearly)

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Description: Youthful studs challenge for a sacred stick - but why are there 500 policemen seeing their every budge? Okay, so they’re not fully nude. The Hadaka Matsuri is a type of Asian jamboree in which the participants wear a milky Chinese loincloth. And goosebumps, if the jamboree is restricted in the innards of winter, like this one is. A few things you should know about the Nude Fest: • It’s only for boys. That may be in part because of the loincloth. • They typically happen in winter. And they usually have to parade around outside for a few hours. • It generally happens at night. • The dudes challenge for 2 sacred tucks. The winners are glad with luck in the coming yr. This particular Bare Fest holds a dark secret. Clearly a duo of yakuza gangs had taken to struggling in the streets. In a uniquely Asian solution, the town government got together with the local temple and persuaded the yakuza to struggle it out during the jamboree. Now, for fifteen minutes each yr, they’re permitted to kick, crush, and draw blood while ostensibly struggling for the sacred catapults. It has successfully taken the cruelty off the streets, and most of the spectators are none the wiser. Only youthful guys sans demonstrable tats are permitted into the fest, so the elder, wilder yakuza are excluded from the struggle. It’s a flawless solution. SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2V4LsRa Tune in for a fresh flick every Thursday at 11:45AM P.T. from the far corners of Our Human Planet! http://www.YouTube.com/OurHumanPlanet Want to witness all of our Japan stories? Download Japanland, the conclude four-hour PBS documentary series on Japan at http://www.japanlandonline.com/ (There’s also a book, reviewed by the Fresh York Time and translated into 8 languages.) LET’S UNITE! • Say howdy on FB: https://www.facebook.com/OurHumanPlanetCom/ • Give us a shout on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Our_HumanPlanet • Go After us behind the episodes on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourhumanplanet/ #Travel #Adventure #Japan Category: Travel

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