Gaea Chick : Veil Burlesque Dance : Roaming Starlet : Showcase Me Burlesque Jamboree

Duration: 4:03 Views: 1.1K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: In the nationally acclaimed "Strolling Starlet", gaea woman uses her signature silk veil precisely as an trendy sundress & prop at the same time. Neovintage maneuverability & styles fuses with modern technique across projected imagery to convert the stage; creating a textural tapestry of light permanently switching with motility of the naked bod owning the dance. join my patreon: GO AFTER! ---IG & Twitter @gaea_lady SPECTACLE GLIMPSE! flick by Dame Masturbate Refreshment & Inda Burlesque veil, costume, choreography by gaea Dame track "Strolling Starlet" glazed by Kid Beyond performed at the Casa Loma Ballroom for "Spectaculaire" at the Display Me Burlesque Fest 2018