Classic Naked on Stage. Ágata Lys - "Somos Dios"

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Watch Classic Naked on Stage. Ágata Lys - "Somos Dios" TV Show video right now. Here are the best nude scenes and sex videos of ágata lys adult category. Look at Classic Naked on Stage. Ágata Lys - "Somos Dios" and similar clip below, leave comments and share links.Video uploaded by TAPIOSKI Ágata Lys, actress, hostess of the TV show Un, dos, tres... respond again, "the Spanish Marilyn", the erotic myth of more than a generation of Spaniards, goddess of the uncovering cinema and... singer, interpreting the song "somos Dios" (We are God) in 1984, original of the Italian singer and composer Lucio Dalla, who in 1980 entitled "Siamo Dei" (We are Gods). Although it is not remarkable her inclusion in the world of Music-Hall, Magazine or the song, if she walked her palmito in some other show for years demonstrating her facet of "demonstrate-female", as with "Canta y Baila" in the year 1985, "El Demonstrate de Ágata Lys" in 1979 where she interpreted in English the music of the American movies of the 50's, the musical show based on dances, songs, magic and humor "Ágata Con Locura" accompanied by Ángel Pavlovsky at the end of 1979 and "Agátame" in 1986.