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Description: Love Hilarious Asian Commercials! Can you even guess what products these commercial are for? Asian commercials are known as hilarious and ultra-kinky. When I perceive down, I see the series of Asian commercials to sense finer :) 0:00 Force Guzzle "Regain" (anime Lum wears dark-hued and yellow, same as product color) 0:15 Mouse (*connecting beast mouse & computer mouse as a pan) 0:30 Frappe iced dessert (just nasty) 1:17 Renta e-Book Services (Rentauros = Rental + Minotauros as a pan) 1:47 iPhone from au mobile carrier (phone as 50% off so only half people are dancing) two:03 Milk Swallow (just horny) two:34 Donbei Udon Noodle (Chinese language pan: noodle mingles well + flirting sound similar) trio:04 Nintendo Change trio:33 MARO shampoo (just nasty) four:03 wonder core six pack (just fall down, machine assists your six pack instructing) four:36 SK2 skincare five:05 Irohas water five:20 MARO shampoo variation (just kinky) five:50 Daichi Life Insurance (pretty model) six:nineteen lemon soda Match (they target twunk by messaging "forever youthful adults") 7:20 Suntory manager coffee (the song is notorious and have positive sense "chin up") 8:20 Potato chips Unspoiled POTATO 8:35 Clorets Gum (no spoken speech by concerning their breath aroma, mint gums solve their problem) nine:05 Chanel Parfum nine:35 Bowl Noodle #JapaneseCommercials #funny #weirdAdvertisement