A Bare Expect: A Sci-Fi Burlesque Escapade - Part six

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Description: Engage: http://geekenders.tumblr.com/ Converse: http://twitter.com/thegeekenders Witness: http://youtube.com/geekenders Listen: https://geekenders.bandcamp.com/ Become a patron: http://www.patreon.com/geekenders Been looking for enjoy in Alderaan places? We invite you to join us a lengthy time ago in a galaxy far, far away with acclaimed fandom theatre troupe Geekenders, who are focusing their usual pop culture theatre, comedy and burlesque into a glittering, playfully sensuous 2-action reboot of a sci-fi old school. Featuring a cast of seventeen of Geekenders all-starlet nerdlesque performers, the event and theatre troupe is pulling out all the stops to assure a never-to-be-forgotten, fantastic, geek-herding night for eggheads of all types.Geekenders brings back the very first instalment of their astounding burlesque escapade trilogy, as seen on Chris Hardwick's @midnight and io9 ( http://io9.com/a-naked-expect-is-a-cheeky-impudent-take-on-starlet-wars-bur-1720017032 ), with a Vegas-fashion fabulous that mixes up undress, comedy, dance, showgirls, vaudeville, nostalgia, and space. Starring Draco Cunny-Boi as Luke Skywalker Lottie Libido as Darth Vader Stefanie Michaud as Queen Leia Organa Stephen Blakley as Han Solo Trixie Hobbitses as Chewbacca Fonzie Wolf as Obi-Wan Kenobi Andrew Lynch as C3PO Roe Arses as R2D2 Greg Delmage as Grand Moff Tarkin With the Storm Troopers Rainbow Rhodes Fanny Oakley Rainbowglitz Jayne Fondue Featuring Fiona Yam-Sized Androsia Wilde Ariel Helvetica Julia Sleazer If you luved this, like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/Geekenders) or visit our site at http://geekenders.ca! Here's what the media has had to say about other Geekenders spectaculars: "With the use of immense ragdolls, sumptuous human x-wings and truss fighters, and fountains of confetti, this was both mind-throating and impressive. I am waiting eagerly for the comeback of jaw-dropping dancing and singing, more (and finer than our) puns, and tons of nostalgia and fandom with a cast that includes beautiful appearances from Chewbacca, Darth, Han, R2D2, Luke, and many more, all crafting an astounding 2-action adaptation of this old-school cinematic masterwork." -Living Myth Magazine on A Bare Expect "From a not so scary Darth Vader, to a fleshy Lando Calrissian, a swaggering braggadocio Han and independent Leia, defined Yoda, a Justin Bieber Luke Skywalker to the awesomely uber-cute pair of a rollerblading R2D2 and C3PO, and oh those Stormtrooper troops, this is a Starlet Wars cosplayer's dream desire." -Live Vancouver on The Empire Takes Off Back "Not only did The Wizard of Hooter-Slings provide a rousing burlesque showcase, but thru the use of innuendo, satire, and social commentary, Geekenders delivered a unique spectacle that appeals to a range of audiences." -The Tip "Empire Unwraps Back is an ambitious, riotous, scandalous production that displays just how strong a petite gang of loyal people can be." -Living Myth Magazine on The Empire Unclothes Back Disclaimer: This is a parody production. We are in no way associated with Lucasfilm or Disney. Thumbnail Photo credit: Dorien Gunnels